Why leave the future for your children when you can have it for yourself?

Cryoncor is the world leader in cryonic cranial preservation. We can remove your head and preserve it so that, in the future, it can be transplanted onto a new body and you can be revived.

When you sign up for our life preservation service, we provide you with a card, which you carry with you at all times, and which provides the phone number for our rapid response team. They are standing by twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. After your heart stops, there is a five minute window before cell oxidization begins in your brain and the brain itself starts to deteriorate. When you reach the point where corporeal survival is no longer possible, you notify us and we rush to your side.

First our team removes your head. Then, using their Air Transportable Perfusion Kit, featuring our patented vitrification technologies, they quickly cool it so that oxygen is no longer necessary for cell integrity. They replace all blood from the brain with an organ preservation solution that supports life at low temperature. Your head is then taken to our secure facility, where a qualified physician or veterinary surgeon connects major blood vessels to a perfusion circuit which begins circulating the cryoprotectant solution. Your brain can then be preserved indefinitely.

The future will provide a number of different options for revival. Heads may be transplanted onto young, healthy bodies. Or they may be transplanted onto artificial, post-human bodies that are capable of extraordinary power and longevity. We will very likely be able to design bodies to meet our specific needs and wants, ones that are able to experience new and amazing pleasures.

You only have one chance to live forever! Sign up today.