Let Me Freeze Your Head is a one person show that is playing at the 2016 Toronto and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals. It is a philosophical and personal exploration into the world of human cryonic preservation, written and directed by Neil McArthur.

Neil McArthur

Neil is a former philosophy professor who has given up everything to work for Cryoncor, the world leader in cryonic technology. Now he travels the world telling people about the miraculous future that awaits those who are brave enough to have their heads cut off and frozen. He tells the story of how he came to believe in cryonics, by introducing the audience to four severed, frozen human heads. He explains how he came to know each of them, and the role they each played in his personal journey. Angelika is a scientist from Poland and the inventor of modern cryonic technology. Ted Williams is one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. John Henry is his devoted son, who convinced Ted to be preserved in the hope they might have more time together in the future. And Gwen is Neil's magnetic former girlfriend, who succumbed to cancer before she and Neil could make peace with their past.

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