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In 2019 Markie Twist and I published “The Rise of Digisexuality: Therapeutic Challenges and Possibilities.” We argue that a new wave of immersive sexual technologies is starting to appear, including sex robots, erotic virtual reality (VR) environments, and haptic feedback devices known as teledildonics. As a result, a new sexual identity is emerging: digisexuality. Digisexuals are people for whom technology is an integral part of their sexual identity, and who may not feel the need for human partners.

You can find the original article below.

“The Rise of Digisexuality: Therapeutic Challenges and Possibilities,” Sexual and Relationship Therapy 32 (2017)

You can find a concise discussion of the arguments from the article here (

You can watch me talk about digisexuality and sex robots at the 2019 India Today Conclave in Mumbai here.

You can find interviews with me about our research and some of the media coverage, including features in Harper’s Magazine, the New York Times, and Vox, here.

You can watch Bill Maher make fun of our research here:

Infographics by Coltan J. Schoenike